Pulse Survey and Instant Feedback Channel

Stay current with your workforce with quick and efficient surveys to keep your employees energized.

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Quick and efficient assessment of your workforce.

Measure how effectively your teams are working and identify where additional support is required.

Efficiency Assessments

Allows quick and efficient assessment of what your employees need to remain effective and productive.

At-A-Glance Reports

Reporting of responses and a grouped view of aggregated results.

Cost Effective

An affordable way to obtain immediate and actionable employee feedback to drive productivity, customer satisfaction, quality and many other KPIs.

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Each employee’s leader is the lens through which they view everything in the organization.

How are we preparing them to be effective?


Instant Feedback Channel

Don’t wait to engage your team members. Benefit from real-time feedback with this essential communication tool – a bridge between employees, leadership, and HR.

Industries such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and any service-industry organization operating in a fast-paced, quickly changing environment will benefit from our instant feedback platform.


Confidential platform

Responses are anonymous, although employees may share their names if desired.

Anytime / Anywhere

Access the platform with a smartphone, desktop or location tablet/laptop with your unique location URL as often as you like.

Free Flowing Feedback Areas

Employees can select additional feedback topics (i.e., onboarding, tools + equipment needs, safety concerns), rate their work location experience and provide detailed answers with “Tell Us More” free responses.


Real-time Results

View feedback status (i.e., new, in-progress, closed).

Improved Accountability

Leaders can view and identify issues by department, location, and topic for a granular or holistic assessment and execution.

Administration Access

Choose the degree of access for each user.